Jukebox Live is a Leicester-based 5-piece band playing mainly in Leicestershire.  We specialise and enjoy, playing, great live music from the 50's & 60's. We commonly invite guests an opportunity to request their favourite tune or piece of music from our play-list of 150 popular 50's & 60's numbers. So, we are a sort-of "Live Jukebox"! In addition, guests can include a dedication to someone special if desired.  Please see our reperioire page

Jukebox Live, (A Leicestershire band) our line-up from left to right:

Alan (Keyboard & backing vocals), Peter (Sax & Clarinet), Bob (Drums & backing vocals)

David (Lead vocals and guitar), Roger (Bass guitar & backing vocals)

Between us, we have  many years of experience ranging from the groups of the early 60's through professional bands of the 70's and various live performancies in diffferent genres of music and occasions.


 We welcome any enquiry for dances, birthdays or anniversaries, any celebration and  fund-raising events etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Because we play totally for the benefit of our own enjoyment, you will be surprised at our  low rates.


Please note: We have another identity: "Sounds Like Swing" where we include many swing and other numbers from the 1940's. We also include our repertoire from Jukebox Live.

Click here for our Sounds Like Swing website


Let us help you on your "Trip down Memory Lane" - You will enjoy it...........



Five (of many) artists from the 50's & 60's who we cover...