How much do 'Jukebox Live' charge?  This is dependent on date, size of event and also travelling distance to venue . The start and finishing times are also borne in mind. Please give full details to enable us to quote you


 Do 'Jukebox Live' have special rates for charity fund-raising events? Yes we do and can we possibly assist in the task of raising money


How long does the band take to set up? Assuming that there are no unforseen problems, then approximately 40 mins


Are 'Jukebox Live' able to play live background music whilst food is consumed or while guests are arriving and in breaks? That would be a pleasure, normally at a lower sound level.


Will 'Jukebox Live' play my request? That is what we specialise in - with a choice of 140 or so popular numbers. For anything special, please give warning and we will endeavour to fulfill your number.


 How long do 'Jukebox Live' normally play for? Usually, we play for two or three 45 minute sessions or to suit specific requests


Do 'Jukebox Live  have Public Liability Insurance?  Yes we do, with a limit of £2,000,000


The Venue

How much space do 'Jukebox Live' require to perform?  4 metres x 2.5 metres is an absolute minimum.


Do 'Jukebox Live' play under marquees? Yes we certainly can, so long as it is stormproof as our equipment must not get wet from rain. The ground must be level and firm.


Do 'Juke Box Live' need a changing room? f one can be made available to us it would appreciated. In addition, we would also appreciate somewhere to place equipment covers and cases etc.


Booking 'Jukebox Live'

How far will 'Jukebox Live' travel to a venue? We expect to travel up to 25 mile from Leicester but can be persuaded to go further.


What are the Payment Terms? After the booking has been confirmed in writing, we require full payment at some time during the entertainment at a convenient time to suit you